In November 2019 John will be cycling from southern Thailand, through the central agricultural and hilly regions of Malaysia and on into Singapore.

TMS Map 3-3

Part of the fun in arranging trips like this is to be able to plot the route. It would be relatively easy to work our way down either the west or east coasts. The views would be great but the roads too flat. John loves hills, in fact he eats mountains. So whenever possible we look at maps which have contour lines and/or shaded parts in brown such as above which indicate higher levels and then plot the route across to produce as varied a terrain and create goals for John to aim at.

The route is still in the planning stages and we are awaiting a quote from Cambodia Cycles regarding the cost of a driver and SUV to haul the luggage and provide back up when and if required over the duration of the trip. The current thinking is that the daily schedule will look something like this:

Johns ThaiMalaySingapore Tour 2019

Cambodia Cycles are great. The company understands John and his requirements. We first had them as support when we cycled with Parkinson’sUK from Ho Chi Minh City in southern Vietnam to Siem Reap in Cambodia in 2012. Subsequently they were back up for Laos (2014) and Thailand and Myanmar (2015) cycle rides. One of their riders Sang worked with us on the China trip (2017).

We will keep you updated as the planning progresses.