Gone Cycling to China intro

The Challenge:

In June 2017 John cycled with his guide and a support vehicle leaving Kunming early on the morning of 13th June to The Stone Forest in Shilin and from there on day two to Puzhehei. On day three he cycled to Bamei, total mileage since start 188m. Day four from Bambi to Baise located in the west of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region and from there to Bama on day five. Day six took him to Hechi on the southern end of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and from Hechi to Guilin on day seven. Total mileage since start 550m. Day eight to Yangshuo, day nine to Guangning and then the finish in Guangzhou. The total cycled mileage was about 680 miles, but thats only half the story. There were plenty of hills!

John set himself a personal goal. One that confirms his mantra

“We’ve got Parkinson’s, it hasn’t got us!” 

To see the video that was used to promote this challenge go to:

Gone Cycling China Advert

To see the video that puts 10 days into 11 mins, have a look here:

Gone Cycling to China in 11 mins

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