Day Three: Puzhehei to Bamei

After a hard night’s sleep (the mattress must have been a piece of wood) and a hearty breakfast of noodles, vegetables and tea we went forth to Bamei. Leaving the old and beautiful town of Puzhehei which we only found by chance having by mistake spent the night in the new tourist part that is under development,  we struggled through the congestion where because of a sticking peddle cleat John had his first ‘off’ and cut his knee – not a pretty site, but a repairable one. Matters improved as we found the empty countryside and over the cause of the morning ascended into beautiful rolling countryside along roads made for serious cyclists. We needed to find somewhere for lunch and ended up in a town called Zhulinzhen with probably the world’s worst high street road – it would have rightly appeared in Top Gear as the high street from hell! Whilst lunch was being prepared in a street open cafe John and i wandered up the road to watch two large card games being played for money, both of which paused as my camera and our size and euroness caused a stir. They thought they were on tv. Great lunch of fresh boiled fish, rice, stir fried meat and tea and off we went back into the countryside for the two boys to cycle up hill and down dale. We arrived in Bamei around 6pm to find our hotel for the night – at £7 a room with ensuite! Unfortunately the cave access to the old town was closed due to high water levels but hopefully we may get access tomorrow morning. So a great day through amazing karst scenery, finishing off with a classic chinese meal of fresh chicken, it still had feathers, in a tasty stock with rice, vegetables and spices complete with a bottle of red wine bought from the vineyard-by-the-road.

To view the highlights video of this amazing cycling day click here:


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