Day Six: Bama to Hechi

A quiet day. No dramas. Just the boys having a good cycle ride.

Breakfast in the hotel was a non event, there was nothing John could stomach so it was agreed to pack the car and go into town and find some grub that would give him energy. At the same time the car needed a good clean after its forestry trip of the previous day and petrol. So we spent a happy 30 mins strolling the shops and buying up cakes, fruit and hi energy (at least we think they are) drinks to consume along the way, and then we set off at about 0940.

The area is surrounded by the Phoenix mountains on the north west and the Fenging Mountains to the east, the road to Hechi cutting through the ranges giving us dramatic back drops and super cycling along excellent surfaces. The tallest mountain is 5,554ft so you can get an idea of the geology we were travelling through. The boys loved the cycling and devoured the kms arriving in Donglan for some much needed lunch.

FullSizeRender 32

A very attractive town with a river running through its centre. The afternoon was a repeat of the morning, cycling mostly down through the valleys and soaking up the wonderful landscapes.

FullSizeRender 35

As the driver and videographer wait during the cycling part of each day for the cycling duo to turn up at the end of each section we are normally close to a food outlet or shop, and is the case insects of all sizes gather to feed. Here is an example, this one is about 8cms in length seen this morning.

FullSizeRender 34

The photo of the duck bus at the top of the page was taken in the petrol garage forecourt in Bama at the start of the day. I think the ducks had a one way ticket…

We drive into beautiful Hechi and have dinner in a goat restaurant. Excellent food and a fascinating evening. The owners of this posh restaurant wanted their photo taken with John and Mark and then the customers asked for the same! We were celebraties! We had beer and cigarettes offered, it is rude to say no, and there were many toasts. Really moving.

John and I have been travelling south west China now for 7 days.We have not seen another European or American. Wherever we go we cause warm interest. The Chinese are such generous lovely people.

FullSizeRender 37

Day Six video can be watched via the following link. It purposely contains a 5 mins section caught on John’s head cam that captures the arduous and monotonous nature of a long ascent cyclists sometimes have to endure on their journeys, so bare with John! There is also exciting coverage of a long descent!

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