Day Seven: Hechi to Guilin

Day Seven turns out to be a transit day because of a mistake in the planning… John and Mark have it down as being a 120kms day when in fact it is over 300kms. So, we have to make a big decision, either to cut back on the cycling today or to move the destination closer to the departure. It was decided the former would win simply because if we stopped short of Guilin this would have a knock on effect for the remaining three days.

So, whilst Sang and Alex went to the bank in Hechi at opening time 9am, John and Mark went to the meat, fish and vegetable markets to spy the action which as always with such locations was colourful and vibrant.


We left the town at 1015 and after about 30 mins gave the boys the opportunity to cycle which they did for about 30kms. Then it was full stream for Guilin stopping at Yizhou for lunch. We used the motorway to cover ground and by about 1230 found ourselves in Yizhou and had a great meal of beef and potato stew, rice, beans, parsnips and vegetable soup.

FullSizeRender 38

Back in the car we hit the motorway again and travelled for a further three hours before arriving at the beautiful city of Guilin, considered to be the pearl of China’s tourist industry helped by its stunning landscapes of strangely shaped hills and karsts, crystal clear waters and wonderful caves. Unfortunately I don’t think time will allow us to savour its charms.


But we did note a Macdonalds AND a Burger King on the way to the city centre hotel where some of us will spend time both for dinner and the following day’s breakfast.

The link below takes you to a video of John Talking about his journey of the first six days:

…and the link below takes you to a video of a trip around the market at Hechi followed by a little of the trip to Guilin:

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